Sherri Sasser Fundraiser Night at Buffalo Wild Wings at Largo Mall – Wednesday October 18, 5-9pm

Present this certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings when seated: FCSC Fundraising Certificate (PDF – Click to Print)

Fundraiser night at Buffalo Wild Wings at the Largo Mall. 15% of all sales will go to Florida Celtic Soccer Club, and 100% of that money will go to support Florida Celtic player Sherri Sasser who is battling cancer.

Wednesday October 18, 5-9pm

Buffalo Wild Wings (Largo Mall)
10500 Ulmerton Road, Suite 476
Largo, Florida

Contribute to Sherri on her Facebook page:

Sherri’s Story…

In October of 2014, after just turning 17, Sherri was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer..Sherri began a journey no teen should have to endure! But with the help of family, friends and even strangers, Sherri conquered a beast. She faced Chemo, Radiation, Life altering surgeries..and even more chemo..but she did it..she healed and she went on adventures, got a job, and was able to purchase a brand new car all by herself!!

But here we are again! The Cancer has returned and the fight begins again. The second time no less devastating than the first. On 5/22/17..we’ll make the journey back to Gainesville to meet with the wonderful team of Drs that so brilliantly saved her life two years ago. The treatment will be aggressive and probably overwhelming, physically, emotionally and financially..Asking for help is never easy..but there are so many expenses involved with this process that it is brutally draining..any amount will be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. If it’s to help Sherri make her car payment or insurance. Or to help with Co-pays, for many different weekly visits to the different Drs, meds, or to help with gas getting back and forth to the Hospital 3 hrs away for the Chemo and possibly more radiation..not to mention the very basics!! Any amount will help. We hate to ask again for the help from family and friends that have done so much already..But we’re desperate..Please keep Sherri in your prayers..and hopefully we’ll be able to get her up north when she’s feeling up to see some of her New England folks!! Thank you so much in advance!!

Rules of the Fundraiser:

1. You are NOT allowed to pass coupons out in/around restaurant! All flyers must be printed and distributed prior to the event date. Groups found doing so will forfeit their donation. Copies can be printed in black & white or color, and can be printed on color paper (i.e. yellow, pink, orange, etc.). The restaurant will not be responsible for providing copies of flyers.

2. Only sales from the location on the flyer will be accepted. If this flyer is presented at a Buffalo Wild Wings® location other than the one listed, sales will NOT apply.

3. One of the attached certificates MUST be given to the server once the person is seated (or given at the take-out counter), this way we know they are with your organization. Funds brought in without a flyer will NOT count towards your donation total.

4. Orders placed online will NOT be counted towards Fundraiser. Guests who choose to call-in their order must let the Team Member taking the order know that they are with the fundraiser.

5. These certificates are not valid towards gift certificate or sauce/seasoning bottle purchases.