Competitive/Academy Tryout Schedule – 2017-18 Season

Traditionally tryouts have always started after Memorial Day and continue for the following 7-10 days, but this year, as approved by FYSA member clubs at the 2016 FYSA Annual General Meeting (AGM), tryouts can now be held on April 1st or after provided certain guidelines are met (e.g., all tryouts must be publicly posted and players remain bound to their existing club for the balance of the current seasonal year).

The player’s current seasonal year ends when State Cup competition has concluded in mid-May. Therefore, a player may attend a publicly advertised tryout starting April 1st, but he or she will remain rostered on his or her 2016-2017 team until the end of the current team’s season.

Florida Celtic SC will host tryouts throughout April 2017 with the possibility of adding additional tryout dates to follow in May. Tryout dates and times for FCSC age groups will be announced in the next few days. Please visit the website frequently for an updated tryout schedule, as well as, to review additional details about tryouts. FCSC will also be emailing updates as they become available.

2017-18 Florida Celtic SC Academy Head Coaches

Academy Director Chris Vaughn
U10 Boys Coach – Chris Vaughn
U9 Boys Coach – Alex Velez
U8 Boys Coach – Alex Amu
U10 Girls Coach – Christine Applewhite
U9 Girls Coach – Rich Legg, Assisted by Ryan Masi

General Rules for Tryouts

  • All players must register prior to tryouts.
  • Players must tryout for their actual age group, unless they have Director approval. Those that have requested but have not been offered the options are required to tryout for their correct age group.
  • Players and their parents recognize the commitment demanded by club teams, and that players and parents are willing to invest the necessary time and travel in order to be successful.
  • To remain with the team from one year to the next, players must successfully participate in tryouts each year.
  • Players should recognize that each tryout is a new opportunity to make the appropriate team, and the club is committed to making every effort to determine the correct place for each player. Renewed opportunity carries a renewed commitment to honor the requirements for playing on any particular team. To this extent tryouts should not be entered into lightly. Players should come to tryouts having thoroughly examined how such a commitment will affect their lives in the coming year.
  • Please have your child wear their shin guards, bring a soccer ball, and plenty of fluids.
  • Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your tryout.

2017-2018 Season Age Chart

  • 2010 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2010
  • 2009 1/1/2009 – 12/31/2009
  • 2008 1/1/2008 – 12/31/2008
  • 2007 1/1/2007 – 12/31/2007
  • 2006 1/1/2006 – 12/31/2006
  • 2005 1/1/2005 – 12/31/2005
  • 2004 1/1/2004 – 12/31/2004
  • 2003 1/1/2003 – 12/31/2003
  • 2002 1/1/2002 – 12/31/2002
  • 2001 1/1/2001 – 12/31/2001
  • 2000 1/1/2000 – 12/31/2000
  • 1999 1/1/1999 – 12/31/1999

FCSC Staff

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