Spring Soccer 2016 Schedules and Rosters

Schedule and Rosters

Schedule and Rosters

Schedule and Rosters

Middle School
Schedule and Rosters

2016 Spring Soccer Rules

Rules for all age groups:

  • Games will be 4v4 format.
  • Four 12 minute quarters, change sides at half time.
  • All restarts for a ball going out of play are kick-ins. No throw-ins in spring.
  • Goal kicks may not fly over midfield through the air. (Infraction is an indirect free kick at midfield)
  • On goal kicks defending team must have all players on their own side of midfield.
  • 50% minimum play time for all players unless injury or behavior prevents it.
  • No goalies
  • If a team is losing by 3 or more goals they can add an extra player. Once the lead is cut to 2 goals the extra player must be removed.
  • No offside. While not regulated cherry picking is frowned upon in our league. If you encourage this it only hurts the players development, they aren’t learning.
  • All subs will be done on a stoppage of play, no subbing on the fly.
  • All other standard laws of the game apply.

Rules Specific to U6 age group:

    • Games will be played with standard U6/U8 goals.
    • While we don’t want players standing in goals, this rule will not be strictly enforced at this age. Coaches are encouraged to remind players not to stand in their own goal mouth, we want them attacking the ball.
    • There will be no referees for these games, coaches are encouraged to be on the field with players and act as refs. It’s advisable an assistant or parent stay on the bench with the players waiting their turn to play.

Rules Specific to U8 and older age groups:

  • No player from either team may touch a ball inside the arch/crease in front of the goal during the run of play. If an attacking player touches the ball while in the crease it’s a goal kick for the opposing team. If a defending player touches the ball in the arch during the run of play it’s a penalty for the attacking team. A penalty results in a direct free shot from midfield. All players must be on the opposite side of midfield until the ball is no longer rolling, out of play, or in the goal. If a ball stops dead on a penalty it’s a goal kick to the other team.